Should You Take Whey Protein?

You’ve got to eat lots of protein, that is critical. It’s wise to begin eating protein early in the morning prior to beginning working out. To begin with, it’s important to see that there are various kinds of whey protein. Whey protein is a great supply of this critical nutrient. Whey protein shakes made a good supplement to any good natural bodybuilding regimen. There are many guys who argue about when to take whey protein after working out, but I don’t think it matters. You can take it either pre-workout, or post-workout. It’s just important that you take it.

If you’re not seeking to slim down, eat your three square meals per day. You always ought to strive to add as much weight since you can safely lift, which causes a challenging degree of resistance.

Workouts don’t have to be drudgery. Ignore those massive guys in the gym who tells you to really workout for over 1 hour. It’s also wise to add some variety to your workout. Perform only a couple of sets during each workout once you first start out.

Your muscles are going to eventually become accustomed to the total amount of weight you’re lifting and your body building will hit a plateau. By choosing the correct amount of food and the proper types of food, they won’t have to eat themselves in order to maintain the proper amount of balance within your body. When you concentrate on the perfect muscle and work it out properly, then the outcomes are far better. These tips on ways to build more muscle will be able to help you reach your physique and physical fitness objectives.

Why I Choose To Use Spartagen XT Now That I Am 45

I haven’t felt myself lately. I am getting older (45!!) and have certainly slowed down as expected.. but does it really have to be that way?

I am pretty active and have had great energy and my whole life, but I can definitely feel father time taking his toll on my athleticism, my energy levels and dare I say it… my libido. Sigh.

In fact, I had just gotten back from a cruise to Alaska where we hiked the Chillkoot Trail. And I realized I was REALLY out of shape compared to even just a few years ago.

Well, I was playing pickup basketball at the gym, and I noticed one guy on my team was just dominating…. even against kids half our age. I figured he was maybe 35, he looked great and I noticed he had come into the gym with a super hot 20 something who all the other 20 year old guys couldn’t stop looking at. Heck, I even caught myself looking at her.

So after the game while we were all getting ready to play another young team, I asked him what his secret was. He smiled at me, and said what do you mean?

So I leaned in and said, well you have this cute girlfriend, you run around like you are 20, but come on, you must be at least 35. He laughed, looked at me for a minute and said, would you believe I am actually 47 and that is just one of the girls I am casually dating, I don’t like to date just one woman at a time.. I have to much… uhm… sexual energy let’s say.

My jaw dropped. I was feeling like I had lost a step, and could feel my libido dropping and here was a guy 2 years older than me, with tons of energy, lot’s of stamina and he was dominating on the courts and apparently in the bedroom.

I had to ask him what his secret was… I mean, whatever he was doing was obviously working. He told me that he eats just eats well and exercises a few times a week.

I gave a, I don’t think you are telling me the whole truth type of look and I could tell he knew I was on to him. He had a secret. OK, I get it, he doesn’t want people to tell the girls he is dating that he has something, a supplement or something that he is taking to achieve these results. I probably wouldn’t want people to know either, at least not people who actually know me in real life (which is why I am sharing this pretty anonymously with you on the Internet). Last thing I need is my wife finding out I am using something to keep my enthusiasm in the sack up.

So, back to me in the gym with my new friend.

I said, come on man, I now you are doing something. I won’t tell anyone, and kind of nodded towards the girl he was with and gave him a knowing look.

He could tell I was not gonna tell her, and was probably not gonna leave him alone until he told me what his secret was.

He told me to check out It had a few articles on what it was and what you should expect after taking it for a few weeks. Apparently it is a way to naturally boost your free testosterone levels, decrease your estrogen by reducing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen from a process called andropause, all using natural, proven ingredients. Here is an article on testosterone boosters and how they work.

Here are the actual ingredients:
ingredients label

I did a quick google search, and they all seemed pretty safe and were all natural, so that made me actually start to think that I could be on to something real.

He’d been taking it for a few months and he said, it was amazing how much younger and stronger he felt. I believed him cause I could tell he was in great shape, was just a monster on the basketball court against younger guys and finally, he just seemed like a genuine guy.

Well, I checked out the site and read up all about the ingredients in the product and decided to try some myself. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I am already definitely noticing a difference in my energy levels and my sex drive is, well let’s just say my wife and I are acting like we did when we first got married. Boom. It feels great to have my drive and stamina back.

Self Confidence Is A Skill

self confidenceBelieve it or not. Self confidence is a skill. That means it can be improved with practice, or it can diminish if not used or practiced.

Watch this great video by Dr. Ivan Joseph from Ted Talks. He is also the Ryerson University head Soccer coach.

The Skill of Self Confidence on

Powerful stuff right? The most important ‘skill’ a person can have is self confidence. Self confidence is the ability to believe in yourself to accomplish any task, regardless of the tasks difficulty.

How do you increase your self confidence. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.

Whatever you want to do, you need to practice it. Repeatedly.

It’s not magic. It’s PRACTICE.

Another quote is has, is pressure builds diamonds. So you want to find yourself in situations where things are new to you and there is pressure. That will help you focus and do things right.

Lastly, you can not quit after you experience adversity. You need to keep trying. That is the key to all this.

Do not accept failure, but be persistent and practice. Do not accept no.

Lastly, you need to eliminate negative self talk. No more being critical of yourself in your self talk.

There are plenty of outside influences that are telling you that you can’t do something, so why should you contribute to that negative self talk.

Instead you need to give yourself affirmations and tell yourself that you can.

Try saying, “I am the greatest, I can do this.”

So give this stuff a try, watch that video and let me know what you think.

Want to read more? Check out this page on

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Welcome to Voices from the Circle.

My job is to give guys you like, real advice to help you navigate through this thing we call life.

Let’s start with this video on how to be a guy:

Also, if you are like 99% of guys out ther, you are gonna want some advice on women.. so check out this article for some real world dating advice for men (from a woman).

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